(It’s not just) ABOUT US

We, at LetsDviate, are delighted to have you stop by and read our story, most of the people are so engrossed with our designs and thoughts that go into each product that they miss visiting this page.

Before we tell you "Our Story”, we want to tell you another one crucial to our name, our designs, our themes and everything around it.

Mulla Nasruddin opened a hair salon, ready to welcome and serve his customers. On the first day, many people came and among them was a man in his early fifties with a flowing beard.
“Mulla” he said sheepishly, “My new wife is coming home today, just take out all the grey strands from my beard. I have to look very young.”
Mulla grabbed a pair of scissors, cut the man’s entire beard in one snip and thrusting the hair into his hand he said, “Here’s your beard, young man. You can take out the grey hair yourself."


So what about ‘ABOUT US”?

 Nope we haven’t forgotten that part of the drill. This story was our inspiration to start this journey of portraying and sharing our stories on our canvas, the LETSdVIATE tees.

Coming from a family of aviators and avid travellers, it came naturally to us to encourage and inspire all with our travel related themes. So we sat down and started creating designs that remind us to pack our bags, to venture out in to the world, and to create amazing memories, while writing the stories of our lifetime.

We want to inspire you to be that Mulla Nasruddin in your life and just snip away all negativity that you encounter.
We hope that our designs help you to DEVIATE onto those paths less travelled and come out rejuvenated. We want you to create those stories with your loved ones or just do it all alone and be one with nature and elements around you.

Whatever it is, we want you to step out and discover whatever life throws at you.

You may want to share your story with a stranger or hear an inspiring story that speaks to the dreams you carry in your heart. 


But what’s with the wrong spelling, LETSdVIATE ?

 None of us are perfect and that’s the statement we wanted to make with our brand’s incorrect spelling (in case you missed it). This spelling will be compensated with these oh so simply perfect tees.

Whether it’s the details of sizing that we mention on our product page, the higher thread count fabric we use to provide you with a softer, smoother, more tightly woven (and thus stronger fabric) feel, the ribbed neck, quality of the yarn, our dyes, the absence of that annoying neck label, the use of carefully selected super combed ring spun cotton and water based inks, our t shirts aim to give our wearer a softer feel with an empowering message.

We deviated from all the normal (cost cutting) industry practices to give you an apparel that should outlast others in your wardrobe. 


LETSdVIATE and make it a better place to live

 We encourage you to leave the world better than you found it by thoughtfully choosing quality over quantity, less over more, lasting over “trending” and profound over popular.

We constantly endeavour to reduce our carbon foot print, starting with our water based inks, which penetrate the fabric more than the plastisol inks. These water based inks are free from harmful chemicals and are safe not just for the environment, but also for the printers as well. There are no harsh chemicals or solvents that the user can inhale, and they wash up easily in water.

We hope our story and themes inspire you to take that walk to the grocery store (and give your car a break) or cycle with your friend or spouse or parents or siblings to that nice quiet park in the next lane, sit under the tree and hear the sound of the birds to give that smartphone a break or about your next trip with your loved ones, to live life in the moment, do the unexpected, and give love ferociously to all you meet.

We do hope that we are lucky enough to call you a customer but even if not, we hope to bump into you again soon.